In 2016 Ryan Meier and Marion Earley split from their respective bands to embark on a new project, Gentle Temper. Self-described as the ocean folk duo, over the course of their formation they explored newer, more intimate musical territory and have woven a new cloak from a stripped, lyrically-driven thread. They find strength in their use of rhythm, swinging from calm to calamity like the tides they often allude to. Their live sound builds on a sturdy foundation of lyrical storytelling, animated harmonies, & a steady undercurrent of musical dynamic swells.

After nearly a year of sporadic trips to Red Bull Arts recording studio in 2017, Gentle Temper have realized their debut album, “Our Warm Red Light”. Released on October 7th, 2018, “Our Warm Red Light” tells the story of two people exercising the boundaries of their comfort and participating in the life of the other. Their story recites the journey of hardship and reward for a fledgling duo determined to grow.

GT has opened for nationally touring acts The Ballroom Thieves, Bombadil, The Western Den, LOLO, The Family Crest, and Julie Rhodes. They have performed in support of numerous charitable organizations including Relay for Life, Casa Myrna Vasquez Inc., The Chikombuso Foundation for Widows & Orphans, Beauhawks Foundation, and Animal Refuge League of Portland, as well as performances in support of The American Civil Liberties Union. They appeared recently on NBC10 Boston for their 1st place finish at the Lizard Lounge Main Event in July, 2018. Gentle Temper was nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 2018 Boston Music Awards.



“From their vocals to their instrumentation to their deceptively complex, sublimely euphoric arrangements, Gentle Temper escape fault. An ability to subtly shift any given song’s dynamics, effortlessly evolving from contemplative, windswept panoramas to passages that express determination through deftly chugging rhythms, never fails to impress… In a genre that can feel dreary and limp, Gentle Temper circumvents this pitfall with craftsmanship, authenticity and charisma.” 
- Andy Kaufmann,
Music Connection Magazine

“It’s that gritty strumming. It’s that initial wail, followed by an insistent and groovy vocal. It’s the way this song grabs you and won’t let go… [It]  builds and builds, takes a breath, and comes right back at you.”  
- Ken Templeton,
Red Line Roots

“Between elegant performances of the harmony laced 'Mouthful of Saltwater' and the earnest, smokey folk of 'Heavy Handed', Meier and Earley describe how they met, their creative process, and their interpretation of Ocean Folk, ultimately concluding Sleep It Off with a spirited performance of the epic 'Sunnyside'." 
- Charley Ruddell,
Deli Magazine


“Wistful, harmony-drenched balladeers of the modern condition, these folks may become your new local favorites.”
- Jason McCool, Aeronaut Allston


“Songs like “Cut My Brakes” and “Cold Shoulder” intertwine stirring lyrics with soft melodies, enveloping the listener in a blanket of emotional storytelling and acoustic guitar. Their songs deal with universal issues like feeling out of control and finding one’s place, but their details bring forth the distinct bite of authenticity that only comes with revealing one’s heart-wrenching experiences for the world to hear.”