Gentle Temper is proud to present their debut full length album, “Our Warm Red Light”. This album tells the story of two people exercising the boundaries of their comfort and participating in the life of the other. Their stories recite the journey of hardship and reward for a fledgling duo determined to grow.

”Our Warm Red Light” is now available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on Bandcamp.


Recorded with Peter Geiser at Red Bull Arts Studios in NYC.
Mastered by Randy Roos.
Artwork by Annika Earley.



“Cold Shoulder” is the second single off Gentle Temper’s debut full length studio album, “Our Warm Red Light”. It is a call to a loved one, or perhaps even to oneself, who has slipped into a darker state of mind. It is a reminder for anyone who has felt lost and alone that there is love and light surrounding them closer than they realize. 

Featured exclusively on Bandcamp, and the title track of the album,"OWRL" is, in its simplest form, about coming to a stop light alone with the better part of the drive still ahead of you. A hotbed for anxiety and chaos, stoplights become meditative, observable slow-dances with no one else around. It is about the sharing of a moment where panic evaporates and peaceful asylum is granted to you and someone close to you.


There’s a mold in the shade in the shape of you
Sunlight might just sting today
There’s a mold in the shade in the shape of you
Furtive eyes look away.
Cold shoulder roll over here.
But you coil tightly around yourself
And a shell of you is all they’ll see
You coil tightly around yourself
But your hideout’s as unstable as your mental health.
So I will find you when you’ve slept it off
You rise beside me given new life like the sun
Unfurl unscathed like you’ve never known warm blood
Exposure takes your breath away as we fade from black and white
We explode into life.

I’m still in the middle of your sanctuary.

Cold shoulder roll over here
And slither closer dear.


Recorded and mixed by Peter Geiser at
Red Bull Arts Studios in New York, NY.
Mastered by Randy Roos.
Photo by Ana Acevedo-Barga

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"Ancient Tattoos"


"Ancient Tattoos" is the first single off Gentle Temper's debut full length studio album, "Our Warm Red Light". This song began as a poem written by Marion, with music written and arranged by Ryan and Marion. It is a lyrical bloodletting for feelings of self-contempt, evoking the desire to be somebody, or something, else. We hope this song allows you to feel whatever it is you're feeling, and, by its end, to let those feelings go.


Let me fall into a slumber so deep
It might just lock you up with me.
Maybe we'll sleep forever together,
Wouldn't mind that, would you mind that?
I wish I were an octopus, prowling a black sea
I wish I were anything but me.
No, there's no point to this
I've been rubbed raw and red, scars so tender then
But still it stings, the ink that buries
Engraved on my body for your eyes only.
I wish I were an octopus, prowling a black sea
I wish I were anything but me
I wish I were an octopus, drowning sailors in the sea
'Cause these ancient tattoos keep digging into me.
I'm no baby lying in an unattended crib,
Crying until my lungs give out.
I won't cry 'til my lungs give out.

These goddamn tattoos keep digging in.


Recorded and mixed by Peter Geiser at
Red Bull Arts Studios in New York, NY.
Mastered by Randy Roos.
Photo by Ana Acevedo-Barga



"Sleep It Off" - The Live EP was recorded at Northeastern's Shillman Studios on November 18, 2017 in association with Green Line Records. The three songs on the EP are featured in a short documentary released about the duo via YouTube. This Live EP was released in December of 2017 and is the band's second official release. Find the songs on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and more.


Special thanks to Becca Peters, Wes Cannon, Cairo Marques-Neto, Joseph Newmann, Jacob Padilla, Anthony Farenwald, Hannah Bates, and Hayley Kuhlmann for making this project possible.




Sugar is Gentle Temper's first official release and first live acoustic single. It was recorded in association with Northeastern University's Green Line Records and was released in November of 2017.


Came crying to my mama, little kids being mean
Couldn't face it, wouldn't try, said I didn't know how to be
She said 'don't be angry, don't fight, a little patience won't bite.
You can kill them with kindness, so be kind.'
Now I've fought my own mind, been trampled and burned
Try so hard to change the current, stir up more trouble than it's worth
No use in fighting each other, we press our faces into dirt.
We've been running on sugar and scratching at our ears
Can't be bothered to bring up everything that's wrong with this picture
How the hell did we get here?

We try so hard to change the tide.



Recorded and mixed by Joseph Newmann.
Mastered by Joseph Newmann and Cairo Marques-Neto.
Artwork by Nina Earley.








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